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Resplendent Indian Wedding Invitations
Resplendent Indian Wedding Invitations

A Look At Two Widely Used Options in Indian Wedding Invitations

Resplendent Indian Wedding Invitations
Resplendent Indian Wedding Invitations | Image Resource :

Indian wedding generally means numerous rituals, different kinds of ceremonies, loud music, spicy cuisines, and definitely the fun filled dance sessions. However, the long phase of celebrations is quite incomplete without the inclusion of richly designed wedding invitation cards. Different colors, rich designs and wide range of materials are now being used by the card makers.

The wedding cards used in the Indian marriages hold a very special place. This is the reason why before distributing the wedding invitation cards, a little bit of turmeric paste is smeared on one corner of the card. So, the invitation cards are not just about inviting the guests, but a way to tell people about your happiness. The Resplendent Indian Wedding Invitations are the way to share your happiness with your near and dear ones.

Gone are the days when the wedding card design was limited to just one or two leaflets enclosed within an envelope. In the present time, the advancement of different materials and better printing technology has brought in wide range of designs. Below we have jot down two most widely sought after designs for your Indian Wedding Invitations cards.

Indian Wedding Invitations- the Trending Designs

Bejeweled Designs: Though Indian weddings revolve closely around rich culture and traditions but things are not the same anymore. These days, a lot of options are available regarding the design, material and print quality of the wedding cards. In case you don’t want a traditional look for your Indian wedding card then this option can be good for you. Bejeweled cards are all about glamour and glitz, which definitely reflects the mood of today’s weddings in India. If you can spend some good amount of money then the trend of studding cards with low cost jewels like Bear or Swarovski can be a good idea to consider.

The same jewels can be used for adding more decoration to the symbols used in wedding cards, such as Lord Ganesha motifs, Om or Swastika symbol, etc. In addition, ornamented peacocks or a jeweled Shehnai can also make your Indian Wedding Invitations card look absolutely glamorous, yet traditional in some way.

Indian Wedding Invitations- Something Traditional

If you are traditional by heart, and want to add tons of royal elements to your wedding ceremony then we have something for you as well. Check it out.

Scroll Designs: In case you wish to symbolize sophistication and aristocracy then the scroll design would be quite apt for you. Also known as the Farman card design, this type of wedding invitation card offers a complete royal look to your marriage ceremony. As far as the materials used in this type of wedding cards are concerned, it could be anything, such as velvet, vellum paper or silk.

The most striking aspect about this kind of wedding card is that it easily blends with almost all types of wedding theme and color. You can enhance the look or appearance of the scroll cards by incorporating expensive fabrics. So, choose your Indian Wedding Invitations Australia cards accordingly.