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Nano Wires
Nano Wires

Major Applications Of Nano Wires In Human World


Nanowires have proved their usefulness in many areas including energy, electrical, environment and much more. These wires are coated with some kind of material and used in several forms to provide benefits to one and all.

Uses of nano wires in energy:
Nano wires were recently used by the researchers at MIT to develop solar cells which claim to be low cost and flexible when compared to the normal ones already available in the market. To develop this solar cell, coated grapheme was used with zinc oxide wires.
Similarly researchers at Stanford did a similar project and showed that the batteries using silicon wires with stainless steel have a better power density over the regular ones.

Uses of nano wires in electrical:
Flat display panels can be further enhanced with the use of such wires. If the electrodes used in the flat display panels are made up of them, they will help in making the flat panels more flexible and thinner! Moreover they can be further used in a variety of things like to make transistors and in the building of electronic memory. Sensors can also be built from them detect chemical vapors to certain extend.

Uses of nano wires in environment:
When it comes to environment, efficient nano wires are majorly used for organic decomposition in polluted water. Silver chloride wires are used for this purpose. They are now days also used in mat production as it can act as an oil observant too.

They are highly useful for the human race and the researchers are busy exploring new ways in which they can utilize its benefits.